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Salt Lake County Recorder
2001 South State Street   #N1600
Salt Lake City, Utah 84190
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Main Phone:
(385) 468-8145
(385) 468-8170
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Recorder's Office Assistance:
Questions? If you need a response or assistance please e-mail us at Recorder Questions.
Please note that our office is not permitted to carry out title searches or give any legal advice.
Office Hours:
Monday-Friday : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
(Recording & Research, Maps & Copies)
Note: The Recorder's office does not accept credit cards. All payments must be made by cash or check.

Please, make check(s) payable to:
Data Services (Online Accounts) and/or Web Assistance:
E-Mail: or call: (385) 468-8162

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Gary Ott, Recorder   Gary Ott, Recorder

Gary Ott, Recorder
On behalf of myself and our dedicated staff, Welcome to the Salt Lake County Recorder Website. I am honored to serve the citizens of Salt Lake County...

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Notice and Disclaimer

All documents presented for recordation are made available to the public according to County, State and Federal Law.

Maps available from the Recorder's Office are not intended to represent actual physical property lines. To establish exact physical boundaries a survey of the property may be necessary.

The compilations of materials on this website are copyright property of Salt Lake County and Recorder's Department.

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  History & Functions

Salt Lake City

The foundation of what was to become the recorder’s office was laid in 1215 A.D. with the signing in medieval England of the Magna Carta that provided for state protection of land ownership.

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